GAME DAY ❤️💛✌🏻🏈

IT’S BAAAAAAACK! Here’s to 12+ weeks of college football! 

LET’S GO TROJANS!!! ❤️💛✌🏻🏈 #ftfo #usc #itsgameday #fighton #collegefootball

Happy Saturday friends! Stay cool 😎

P.S. Sorry I’ve been MIA lately…things have been a little hectic. A much needed catch up post is coming! 


Weekend Update: Xmas Tree, Football & More! 

Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe there are only 17 days until Christmas?! This month is just flying by! Hope you all are taking advantage and getting into the holiday spirit!

Here’s a recap of our weekend.

Friday 12.4 🎄🎄

After work and a quick Target run, we headed to ABC Farms to get our Christmas tree! Surprisingly, this is only our 3rd year getting a Christmas tree.  Excited once again to get another tree and grow our Christmas decorations. This year, we had to go in the evening, so it was dark and pretty cold. For some reason, we had a hard time selecting a tree this year. We always want a big, bushy tree, but I think because of the drought the trees were a little on the slimmer side.  Regardless, we found a good looking one and were excited to get it home.

Upon getting to back to the car to get the tree on top, Chris noticed that Dash had gotten into our target bag (that was tuck up in the front seat) and ate almost an ENTIRE bag of butterfingers chocolate bell candies. Ugh…not what we wanted to find back in the car. We quickly got our tree and pups home and basically waited to see what was going to happen with Dash…

This is not the first time Dash has eaten chocolate, but this was a lot more than what he had before. Poor pup ended up getting super sick and Chris had to take him to the emergency room! Didn’t know that dogs could projectile vomit…but they sure can. LUCKILY Dash was OK and didn’t need to have his stomach pumped or anything else. He got a bunch of fluids and some anti-nausea medicine and was good to go! That dog has eaten his fair of stuff; hopefully this is the last!

Saturday, during the day we got the tree in the house and the lights put up. We finished decorating once we got back from the football game. I will be sure to take/post more photos of our holiday decorations and get some cute pictures with the pups in front of the tree. 🎄🎄

Saturday 12.5 ❤️💛✌🏻️🏈✌🏻️🏈❤️💛

In the afternoon/evening we headed to Levi’s Stadium for the PAC-12 Championship game (USC vs. Stanford)!!! This was my first time at Levi’s and my first time at a PAC-12 Championship game. It was a blast! Although we didn’t win, we still had a really great time at the game! It was nice to see so many USC peeps and to experience all the excitement of the game. We ran into our fellow Trojan fans Scott and Mariam, so naturally we had to take a photo with them. Love these two! Met them through our good friends Dan & Jess. We’ve celebrated many New Years together and always have a good time with them!  

Had really great seats and paid waaaaay too much for beer, but loved cheering on my Trojans! Thank goodness there were a bunch of SC fans around us. We couldn’t stop yelling, cheering and having a good time despite the loss.

We were really hoping for a WIN and to head to the Rose Bowl, but we still had fun. Holiday Bowl here we come! Always Trojan fans over here! Win lose or tie,TROJANS till we die! ❤️💛✌🏻️🏈✌🏻️🏈❤️💛

Hoping for a quick week so that we can get to Saturday because…WE’RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!!

Have a great week everyone!



Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the looooong weekend! We sure did! Sunday just felt glorious knowing that we didn’t have to go to work on Monday. That 3-day weekend was so needed and it was really nice just relaxing around our place.

Saturday started with breakfast at Stack’s and then Emma’s vet appointment. She got her stitches out (YAY!) and should be good to go now. We hung out with my parents for a while before heading home to watch the (late!) USC game. USC got the WIN and it was a prefect start of the football season! Go Trojans and FIGHT ON!

We did a lot of bbqing, hanging out, swimming, gardening, lounging with our pups and just enjoying the long weekend. Sunday night we had chimichurri steak tacos…can you say delicious?! Yum! We also worked in our yard, planted two jasmine plants, and I made another succulent garden. It was so warm on Monday we enjoyed the pool again and tried a new tea place called The Tea Zone & Fruit Bar. We loved our drinks and they were so refreshing! I know we’ll be going back again soon!

It was a really lovely weekend, but I’m already looking forward to next weekend…

Because we are seeing DAVE MATTHEWS BAND on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m beyond excited and have been waiting ALL summer for this concert! I absolutely LOVE DMB!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh! Nothing is better than a little DMB! I’ll be blogging about the concert and everything else we have going on this weekend next week.

Here’s to short work week! Have a great one!


TGIFootball 🏈✌💛❤️✌🏈

TGIF! This post is all about it being FRIDAY and all about FOOTBALL! The hubby and I are very excited for the long weekend AND that USC/college football is BACK!!!! Chris has been a USC football fan since the womb…litterally. When his mom was pregnant she was at a USC game and he’s been a fan through it all. Hehe

Chris is the one who introduced me to college football and to USC. Football in general wasn’t a huge thing in our house growing up and while at UCSB for college there were so many other things to do/going on that the fact there was no football team didn’t matter.

Today I thought I would post some fun memories of lots of USC football games to get in the spirit!

1. 1st USC experience: Rose Bowl 2008. Got to meet TRAVELER before the game, special BBQ access and had sweet seat thanks to Chris’ mom for the tickets! I believe we were at an LA NYE party the night before and it was pretty painful for me to get moving…Chris on the other hand was beyond excited for the game that he didn’t feel a thing. It took me a few hours, but I came around haha. Ended up having so much fun at my first USC game and at the Rose Bowl! Pretty good first introduction…USC WINS!

2. Graduate student at USC: Little did I know I would be attending USC as a graduate student in fall 2008. Here I am at my very first tailgate as a grad student. It was awesome seeing the entire university packed into campus on game day! Truly a very different college experience than at UCSB. The amount of crazy tailgating that goes on is just nuts! I have to say, getting to go to games as a students was a pretty nice perk too!

3. Homecoming 2008: Another fun tailgate for Homecoming! This was the day after Halloween and we had so much fun! Don’t you just love Chris’ outfit?! Perfect for being a Trojan fan! 

4. Rose Bowl 2009: Chris’ mom got us tickets (again!) for the Rose Bowl as a Christmas gift! Not a bad way to ring in the new year! Sorta a tradition we started haha. Had awesome seats and time at the Rose Bowl game! Another WIN for USC!

5. USC vs. Oregon State 2009: Another fun filled tailgate with my favorite PASA ladies and a great game! Getting to sit so close AND get on the field was a major highlight of this game! 

6. Homecoming 2009: 2nd year of grad school never prevented us from tailgating and going to games! I remember coming to campus super early on game days and doing grad school work in the library before heading to the tailgate/game. Fun times hahaha. P.S. I LOVE Traveler!!! He’s clearly the backbone of the entire team (j/k)!

7. The time I almost died of heat exhaustion 2014: Last year Chris and I got to go to USC’s opening game of the season. All I can say is that it was far toooooo HOT and I literally almost DIED! Chris was so worried that he would have to take me home and miss the game. Don’t worry I manned up and didn’t miss any of the action! My backup plan was to just find a classroom on campus and camp out until the game was over…luckily I didn’t have to do that. Chris’ mom is so sweet in getting us tickets to games! She knows how much her son LOVES USC and we are always so thankful!!! THANKS SHERRY! I have to admit, sitting in the 2nd row was AMAZING!!!! Other highlights included getting some pictures “with the Song Girls”, USC Psycho sitting just a few seats from us and Chris getting his picture taken with him, and me meeting MARQUEL from The Bachelor at the game!! That guy was seriously so cool and fun! Another awesome time at SC!

8. Rockin’ my USC TOMS: Getting excited about game day TOMORROW that I just HAD to hear these to work!

Gosh this post makes me sound like a crazy USC fan…oh wait, I guess I kind of am haha. All thanks to my hubby Chris for the introduction! If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be a big college football fan or have gone to school at USC. Thanks Tof!

Wishing you all a fabulous long WEEKEND and a wonderful Labor Day! We plan to spend the weekend watching the 1st USC game (of course) and just relaxing. That extra day is going to feel so good! Here’s to the weekend! Oh, and FIGHT ON! 🏈✌🏻💛❤️✌🏻️🏈